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o Do NOT deposit significant amounts of cash in to your bank account before you buy.
o Do NOT close open lines of credit such as credit cards.
o Do NOT pay off installment loans before you buy.
o Do NOT change your name or address while in the loan application process.
o Do NOT take a new job with higher pay while in the loan application process.
o DO maximize your verified funds by using cash for making routine payments and allowing your bank account to “grow”.
o DO let your Loan Originator know if the utility companies would like to “run your credit” before they connect your home network or electricity.
o DO ask your Loan Originator for home owner’s insurance options and compare multiple quotes from multiple providers.
o DO make sure you talk to your financial institution about how to obtain a cashier’s check for closing.
o DO bring TWO forms ID and your Check Book to Closing with you.

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